Saturday, December 02, 2006

Getting back in the swing of things

Finishing a triathlon was a great feeling, followed, of course by a major let-down and a decrease in my training (why???) But I've just set a new goal - complete a 1/2 marathon in May. My training will soon begin and I can get back on the road to seeking fitness and sanity. I find that the more I exercise, the saner I feel. Endorphins are probably the best anti-depressant around. God's choice of chemical?? Scared about the 1/2 only because of my age and injury potential. But, if I do everything "by the book", it should work out, right? And help me shed the weight, which ironically, I didn't manage to do during the tri!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back in the Pink

So long since my last post, but much has changed. After being sidelined with my broken foot for several months this winter, I resumed my training and had my Team in Training account transferred from Wildflower to the Dave Scott Texas Man Triathlon in Dallas on September 17th!! I'm now into my fourth week following the training schedule, and all is well. The swimming finally "clicked" for me and I find that I love it now that I figured out how to breathe. Funny thing, air... Biking is going great, as I bought a beautiful new Trek that fits me perfectly. My rides are smooth and fun, though I know I'll have to work on speed at some point! The team is much smaller than the Wildflower team, I think we only have 5 people. But, my good friend Amy is on the team and my other good friend Karen is our swim coach, so that helps quite a bit. I love doing this with friends!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Pink is feeling BLUE...

On Monday of this week, as I was completing an awesome workout focused on weights and core exercises, I fell and twisted my ankle. As I was going down, I heard and felt a distinct "snap". Laying on the ground, trying to get up - I realized my knee was HURTING!!! Left ankle, right knee... turns out that the ankle is fractured in two spots and the knee is badly twisted. So, what does the orthopedic say when I tell him I'm training for a triathlon?? "Oh no you're not!!" I'm to sit on my couch with my legs up for the next three weeks (while my children turn into beasts and rule the house???) Training is supposedly out for 8 weeks, but I'll get a review in 3 weeks. Needless to say, I'm beyond frustrated. But, at this point - I am not giving up!! I'll see what they say and see what I might be able to do in the remaining time. Let's hope I can train again soon.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Feel Great Today

Yes, finally, I feel great! I had a great workout today that included weights, some running, and core exercises. I feel like I pushed myself and it felt great. My plan is to follow the training schedule as closely as I can - aiming for the intermediate schedule, with the beginner schedule set as the minimum - though there isn't too huge of a difference between the two. I am upping my weights to twice a week, which I'll add to the two spinning classes, the Thursday night Liquid'N Durance which means I need to add another two swim sessions and two running sessions. I'm still fiddling with my planner to see how to get it all in during the time I have available. I'm excited though!
Plan to hit the gym early tomorrow on Christmas eve - they are only open until 1pm. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Group photo

OK - figured it out! Here is part of the team - the group of us had dinner after the meeting last night. I'm so excited that everyone I have meet are really interesting and kind people. This definitely seems like a great group!

First workshop...

Last night was a very exciting night for me! I was finally able to make it to a group event - our first "lecture" style workshop on the principles of Triathlon Training. Wow, not only was all of the info facinating, but it really got me excited to believe that I really can do this! In fact, as Coach Kurt was describing the three categories of people (beginner, fitness and competitive) I realized that I really am not a beginner - but more at the fitness level. True, I'm a beginner swimmer, but I am an athlete (albeit a semi-dormant one) and I am excited about the number and level of workouts in the months to come. That said, today I did my weights workout - focused totally on my legs today - I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. I need to sit down with my notes from last night and compile a flexible workout scheudle.
Trying to post a photo from last night, but it isn't uploading - keep getting an "error - picture did not upload" when I try it. If anyone has a hint, let me know!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Missing workouts...

Too many days have passed without good workouts. Last week, I did my weightlifting and some elliptical training, but I've been struggling with sinus and ear infections that don't seem to be going away. I'll feel fine for a few days, then bam! it comes right back. So, last week wasn't a great workout week, but I have better plans for this week. Tuesday I'll do my spinning class followed by the weights, Wednesday I plan to swim, Thursday it will be spinning and elliptical, and Friday it will be weights and core. Thats the plan. Of course, it all could change given the time of year, and the fact that the kids are out of school. We get our training schedule tonight, so I'll probably revise based on what I see on our schedule.
I haven't been in the pool in 2 weeks, so I need to get some good swim workouts in. Especially since that is my weakest sport, and I'm concentrating on building yardage and breathing!!!
That's it for now - I'll post again before too much time passes!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Want to run...want to run...

Why is it that when I can't do a workout, I really want to do a workout??? I missed yesterday and will be tied up the next few days working my annual Holiday open house for my business. This is the time of year I'm really busy helping people with their last minute gift needs, that my own needs (mostly my workouts) get neglected. If my open house closes on time tonight, I will be able to make it to the Liquid N'Durance - I would love to get there tonight. Ya know, a lot of people hate the cold, but I actually enjoy running in the cold. I'd pick a cold day bundled up over a hot day any time. Weird I know, but there is a kind of freshness about running in the crystal clear air hearing your feet crunch as you (or I anyway) plod along...